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What safety precautions should be used to use electric fans?
Date: 2018-05-22 16:23:03

A, no electrified mobile fans must cut off the power supply and move again after the wind blades stop rotating. This is one of the most critical security measures.
B, according to the housing area, the number of household appliances, reasonable arrangement of power sockets (quantity, layout), not temporarily connected to the long power line, in order to stop the fault caused by wiring caused by the equipment housing electrification accident.
C, purchase qualified products, for self assembling or irregular electrical factory assembly products, please know electrical knowledge personnel to conduct a check to eliminate defects.
D,the electric fan shell should be grounded reliably.
E, newly purchased, repaired or used every year must verify that the case of the electric fan has no leakage.
F, the household electric shock protector should be installed.

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